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  • FUJITSU Thin Client FUTRO L620

    The FUJITSU FUTRO L620 meets a multitude of user and business needs. It is designed to handle standard office tasks and demanding, high-graphics applications over PCoIP. Quad-monitoring enables you to increase your productivity. As a smart zero client, the FUJITSU FUTRO L620 provides high security, easy management and zero noise, whilst being user-friendly and integrating easily into an existing VMware® network.

  • FUJITSU Thin Client FUTRO Q940 PalmSecure Appliance

    The FUTRO Q940 PalmSecure Appliance is a future-ready, flexible Thin Client device with integrated PalmSecure technology. The FUTRO Q940 provides an optimal mix of robust security with industry leading OS, PalmVein Authentication software supporting 1:N login and thin client device management consoles enabling secure computing and full manageability options for your workplace.

  • FUJITSU Thin Client FUTRO S920

    The individually configurable FUJITSU FUTRO S920 has all the flexibility you need to optimize secure server-based computing and desktop virtualization. This simple, reliable yet powerful front-end device is easy to integrate and manage. It also offers expansion slots and unique connectivity options to maximize user convenience. Plus, its long lifecycle helps you minimize TCO.

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