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  • FUJITSU Workstation CELSIUS C740

    Driven by German precision engineering and innovation, Fujitsu’s engineers maximized rack density in the datacenter while at the same time offering true workstation performance in only 1U. This allows customers in the automotive, aeronautic, broadcasting,energy as well as healthcare industry to benefit from faster time-to-market and reduced innovation cycles from the safety of the datacenter.

  • FUJITSU Workstation CELSIUS H770

    If you are looking for workstation power on-the-go packed in a 39.6 cm (15.6-inch) stylish form factor, then the FUJITSU CELSIUS H770 mobile workstation is the right choice. Its port replicator is compatible with seven LIFEBOOK devices and thus ideal for a shared desk environment. Maximum data security is guaranteed by the unique PalmSecure™ technology.

  • FUJITSU Workstation CELSIUS H970

    Ever wished your laptop could go the distance, even into the future? The FUJITSU CELSIUS H970 mobile workstation pushes the limits in terms of graphics capabilities, storage and connectivity. Do your post-productions in the field, create astounding designs and visualize them in a fully immersive, real-time VR environment.

  • FUJITSU Workstation CELSIUS J550

    If you need a powerful yet small workstation, searching for the level of 3D performance previously only available in a workstation tower than the Fujitsu’s CELSIUS J550 is the ideal choice. Thanks to its innovative 10 liter design, the CELSIUS J550 small form factor workstation is the first to support standard, full-height graphics cards.

  • FUJITSU Workstation CELSIUS M770

    At Fujitsu, we are proud of our engineering capabilities which allowed us to optimize the CELSIUS M770 to combat today’s professional and technical challenges making it the ideal desktop workstation for computer-aided engineering area as well as demanding media & entertainment applications.

  • FUJITSU Workstation CELSIUS R970

    Do you require the maximum in performance for simulations, analysis, rendering or High Performance Computing? Fujitsu’s CELSIUS R970 desktop workstation is designed to surpass all expectations. Achieving first-class benchmark results, this reliable, high-end dual processor desktop workstation is optimized for extremely demanding and memory intensive multi-threaded applications.

  • FUJITSU Workstation CELSIUS W550 Long Lifecycle

    Do you require a minimum lifecycle of 36 months? Than the FUJITSU CELSIUS W550power Long Lifecycle desktop workstation is the ideal choice, especially for video editing, MCAD/electrical CAD or Architecture, Engineering and Construction applications. Enjoy best-in-class low noise emissions of only 18 dB(A) for a quiet and efficient working environment.

  • FUJITSU Workstation CELSIUS W570power+

    We are (VR) ready for the future: As an industry first, the FUJITSU CELSIUS W570power+ desktop workstation goes far and beyond with its innovative 21 liter, space-saving microtower design. Now, engineers, designers and architects don’t need to choose anymore between performance, expandability, price and space.