Iris Ohyama, Powerful and quiet tabletop Fan, 360 ° Adjustable angle – Woozoo – PCF-HE18

  • International Design Awards 2020
  • Woozoo table fan with 3 Available air Power, compact, powerful and quiet
  • 360 ° Tilt: in height or on the ground, The diffused air jet is perfectly oriented to your needs
  • Patented 3D propellers: the fan diffuses an air jet in the form of a spiral, which favours a better distribution of fresh air in the room
  • Day and night: at minimum power, This fan diffuses a powerful but perfectly silent air jet
  • Use 4 seasons: in winter, The fan distributes more evenly The heat emitted by radiators, so you consume less energy and save money.

Refresh your home with this powerful and quiet Woozoo – PCF-HE18 table fan. Unlike conventional fans that deliver air on a straight line.

The Woozoo – PCF-HE18 emits a spiral airflow that promotes increased diffusion power and a better distribution of fresh air within the Environment.

Covering a medium surface, This fan has 3 powers of air to adjust with a simple gesture to your liking. Adjustable 360 °, The swivel head of this fan can direct the air jet diffused to the desired location.

Moreover, its silent mode offers you the possibility to use it day and night, in your home, or your office. Finally, this fan is also used in winter to distribute more evenly The heat emitted by radiators thus saving energy.

Quickly and easily refresh the air in your environment thanks to this powerful (3 power ranges available), compact and silent fan, ideal for day and night use.

Equipped with 3D propellers, Woozoo fans diffuse the air in a spiral shape, which favors a better distribution of fresh air within a room. Whether on the floor or high up, you can direct the airflow at your convenience thanks to its vertical rotation of up to 360°.

  • Rewarded in 2020 by the International Design Awards
  • Table or desk fan for day and night use
  • Robust, powerful and perfectly quiet at the same time
  • Adjustable 360° rotation for an ideally oriented air stream