Iris Ohyama, Silent desktop Fan with oscillation – Woozoo – HD18N

  • Powerful and silent woozoo desk fan covering an area up to 13 m²
  • Three-dimensional wings diffusing an air jet in the form of a spiral favoring a better distribution of the fresh air within the Environment
  • 3 Available air powers to adjust with a simple gesture
  • Vertical tilt possible from -20 ° to 90 ° for a targeted air jet
  • Carry handle for easy movement from one room to another

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    Woozoo HD18N: Your Silent Desk Fan Oasis – Enhanced Power, Unmatched Comfort

    Experience ultimate cooling without noise pollution with the Woozoo HD18N, an upgraded silent desk fan designed for maximum comfort and performance.

    This sleek and versatile fan delivers powerful airflow, adjustable settings, and a whisper-quiet operation, making it the perfect partner for staying cool and focused in any workspace.

    Enhanced Power for Optimal Cooling:

    • 34W motor: Generates stronger airflow compared to the HD15N, covering up to 23 square meters for wider cooling.
    • 3 adjustable speeds: Choose the ideal airflow intensity to suit your needs, from a gentle breeze to a refreshing blast.
    • Vertical tilt: Direct the airflow precisely where you need it for targeted cooling and comfort.

    Unmatched Comfort in a Quiet Zone:

    • Whisper-quiet operation: Enjoy undisturbed focus with a noise level of just 28dB at its highest speed, significantly quieter than most desk fans.
    • Stable and secure: Sturdy base ensures wobble-free operation, even on uneven surfaces.
    • Lightweight and portable: Easily move the fan around your workspace for personalized cooling wherever you need it.

    Sustainable Style Meets Efficient Performance:

    • Energy-efficient: Low power consumption saves you money and minimizes your environmental impact.
    • Modern and sleek design: Complements any desk setup, adding a touch of sophistication and functionality.
    • Durable construction: Built to last, ensuring long-term cooling performance and reliable operation.


    Feature Description
    Power 34W
    Noise Level 28dB (at highest speed)
    Speed Settings 3 (low, medium, high)
    Air Coverage Up to 23 square meters
    Tilt Vertical adjustment
    Base Sturdy and stable
    Power Consumption Low
    Design Sleek and modern
    Materials Durable construction

    The Woozoo HD18N is ideal for:

    • Creating a powerful and quiet cooling zone in your home office or workspace
    • Boosting productivity and focus with minimal noise distractions
    • Enjoying refreshing airflow all year round, even in larger spaces
    • Adding a stylish and eco-conscious touch to your desk setup

    Upgrade your workspace experience with the Woozoo HD18N and discover the perfect balance of powerful cooling, serene silence, and sustainable design. Your ultimate comfort oasis awaits!

    Embrace quiet power and cool comfort with the Woozoo HD18N!