Woozoo PCF-SC15T- AC Circulator Fan

  • Design and ultra-quiet Woozoo fan, with 5 adjustable speed settings and a “refreshing breeze” feature
  • Three-dimensional, patented blade design with a spiral airflow of up to 25 m
  • Multidirectional oscillation: from left to right and/ or from top to bottom favoring a better distribution of the air within the environment
  • Thus, the Woozoo can cover up to 30 m² of surface, ideal to refresh all the rooms of your house.
  • Timer with automatic stop after 1H, 2H or 4H of continuously blown air. Sold with a remote control allowing you to make remote settings.

Product details


Refresh the air in your home with this ultra-powerful, compact and perfectly quiet Woozoo PCF-SC15T fan.

With 5 speed settings, it will be enough for you by a simple gesture to regulate the blown air at your convenience.

The remote control provided with this table fan gives you the possibility to adjust your Woozoo PCF-SC15T even remotely.

Covering an area of 30 m², the air blast can reach up to 25 m. Featuring a multidirectional oscillation, this portable table fan blows spiral airflow for increased diffusion power and better air distribution within your home.

You can choose to broadcast only a refreshing breeze in your office, or any other room.

Very easy to clean, this fan can be used day and night, thanks to its very quiet operation


  • Air jet diffused in spiral form

    Conventional fans distribute air in a straight path. The Woozoo propellers are designed here to distribute air in the form of a spiral, promoting a better distribution of air within your interior and thus regulating body temperature more easily.

    Supply air power

    The air jet blown in a spiral pattern provides a characteristic power to this fan. Thus, unlike a conventional fan, the supply air can reach up to 25 meters, allowing you to cool your environment faster.

    Large application area

    Thanks to its 3-dimensional wings, the Woozoo covers a larger cooling surface. Up to 30 m² refreshed in just a few minutes, for a pleasant interior day and night.

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