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  • 43 cm / 17-inch TFT rack console RC25

    Screen diagonal 43.18 cm (17-inch), 4:3
    Display data (typical) Brightness: 250 cd/m² (typ.), Contrast: 450:1 (typ.), Viewing angle: H:80° V:80°, Up to 16.7 million colours, Reaction time 5ms (typ.)
    Pixels 1280 x 1024 (SXGA) / multi-frequency feature (H= 30 -61 kHz; V = 55 – 75 Hz), dot pitch =0.26 mm
  • ACER X128HP

    X128HP DLP Projector

    Model: X128HP

    Project with clarity with the X128HP projector. Get bright, clear images even in well-lit, medium-sized rooms with up to 4,000 lumens of brightness. True-to-life colors are possible thanks to Acer LumiSense™, ColorBoost3D™ and Color Safe II, while Acer BlueLightShield™ protects your eyes.

  • ACER X1527i

    Acer Projector | X1527i |

    • Full HD (1920 x 1080)
    • Contrast Ratio: 10,000:1
    • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (Native), 4:3 (Compatible)
    • Throw Ratio: 1.5 (1524 mm@2000 mm)
    • Lamp Life: 4000 Hour (Normal Mode); 10000 Hour (Economy Mode)
    • Standard Mode Brightness: 4000 lm
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    Air tight storage boxes, 50 L, with 6 clips, stackable, garage, cellar, attic – Air Tight Box AT-L – Transparent

    • 📦 PRODUCT CONTAINS: 1 storage boxes with lids
    • 📐 DIMENSIONS: External: 59 x 39 x 29 cm (W x D x H) – Internal: 48 x 32.5 x 27 cm (W x D x H) – Capacity : 50 L per box
    • ✔️ USAGE: Perfect to use in the garage, cellar or attic
    • ✔️ HERMETIC: The airtight sealing ring allows you to protect your belongings from humidity and dust
    • ✔️ STACKABLE & DURABLE : These storage boxes are stackable on the reinforced lid and transportable with the 2 handles. 6 buckles firmly close the lid
    • ✔️ MATERIAL: Transparent plastic (polypropylene) for viewing

    An innovative long skirting board that can be used with all types of scaffolding. Lightweight at 0.9kg per 1m, improving workability and transportation efficiency. Can be stacked and used in a wide variety of lengths. It can be used both on the girder side and on the girder side. Product features   AL SPEEDER is…

  • Captain pile method

    Semi-fixed pile cap method using PC rings
    Makes the foundation structure “sturdy” and “simple.”

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    Cat Litter Box With Scoop And Raised Removable Rim

    Plastic Cat litter box CLH 12

    Offer your pet a toilet space, ideally designed for your daily comfort. This litter box has a raised rim, limiting litter spills outside the Cat Litter Box and retaining odours so they do not spread inside your home. Sold with its matching shovel, it can be hung in two different ways so that you always keep it handy for quick cleaning.

  • Dell Latitude 3540

    Product Description Reliable and affordable laptop is designed for small businesses and schools with essential computing needs. Do not compromise on performance. The Latitude 3000 series delivers excellent productivity for content creation and consumption. Main Specifications Product Description Dell Latitude 3540 – 15.6″ – Intel Core i3 – i3-1315U – 8 GB RAM – 256…

  • Dell OptiPlex 7410 All In One

    • All-in-one
    • Core i5 13500T / 1.6 GHz
    • vPro Enterprise
    • RAM 8 GB
    • SSD 256 GB
    • NVMe, Class 35
    • UHD Graphics 770
    • GigE, 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6E)
    • WLAN: Bluetooth, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax (Wi-Fi 6E)
    • Win 11 Pro
    • monitor: LED 23.81″ 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) @ 60 Hz
    • black
    • BTS
    • with 1 Year Basic Onsite
    • Intelligent audio
    • Adjusts to you
    • Get ahead
    • Stay secure
    • Easy on IT
    • Smart and secure
    • Personalized performance

    Takamiya’s main rope support improves safety and workability with dimple points Compliant with new certification standards to ensure worker safety. This is a main rope support that is easy to transport and install.   Point 01: Product features Compatible with full harness and renewed to main rope support that can handle 100kg! It weighs 8.9 kg,…

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    Foldable Pet Carrier, Ventilated, For Cat & Dog – Max 12kg

    This foldable cage is ideal for transporting your pet: dog or cat. By car, plane or train, your companion is perfectly safe. The numerous ventilation systems also provide it with the necessary oxygen. Finally, this cage can be opened and folded with a simple movement, in order to save space when storing it.

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    Foldable Pet Carrier, Ventilated, For Cat & Dog – Max 20kg

    This foldable cage is ideal for transporting your pet: dog or cat. By car, plane or train, your companion is perfectly safe. The numerous ventilation systems also provide it with the necessary oxygen. Finally, this cage can be opened and folded with a simple movement, in order to save space when storing it.

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    Fujistu Image Scanner – ScanSnap SV600

    The ScanSnap SV600 Contactless scanner provides a new perspective on document scanning. Easily scan newspapers, magazines, documents or books directly without cutting or damaging them.sv600-mat1-20140602g

    • One touch overhead scanning technology
    • Scans an A3 size area in less than 3 seconds
    • CCD optic with fast LED illumination
    • Single scan multiple document cropping function
    • Auto page-turn detection sensor
    • Book curve image-flattening technology
    • Erase finger from image function
    • Compatible with PC and Mac


    Redefining what a document scanner can do!

    The ScanSnap SV600 makes overhead scanning simple, providing users with limitless possibilities.SV600-scan-to


    BooksMagazinesDelicate documentsOriginal designs / notesBusiness CardsA3-size documents

    Scan business cards to large A3 size (double-letter) documents

    The ScanSnap SV600 breaks free from typical flatbed limitations by scanning
    content larger than just letter size. Simply position the document on the A3 scan mat and press scan.SV600-A3

    Performance matters

    ix500-1500m4-20140529gWith the touch of the power button, ScanSnap SV600 is ready to scan in just 3 seconds! And with each press of the scan button, a large A3 dimension scan area is captured in less than 3 seconds. Combined with intelligent image correction, great results are just a button push away.

    VI Technologies (Versatile Imaging)

    Combining high quality CCD optics and advanced LED illumination, ScanSnap SV600 uses advanced capture technologies to maximize field of depth and minimize unevenness page after page.sv600-head1-20140602g

    Multiple Document Detection

    SV600-buscards1With an advanced cropping and orientation technology built-in, ScanSnap SV600 can scan several business cards, photos, newspaper clippings and other documents at one time.
    *Scan up to 10 documents at one time.

    Easily create your own digital books

    ScanSnap SV600 is your ultimate partner to scan books or magazines efficiently. SV600-bookStep 1: Scan with one button!
    Place the book on the mat and press the scan button.

    Page Turning Detection
    SV600 detects when a page is turned and automatically begins scanning.

    Time Mode
    Set a fixed time interval and SV600 scans in real time with you.Step 2: Auto Image Correction

    Auto Image Correction
    Automatically crops, de-skews and sets the orientation of multiple sheets placed on the mat.

    Auto Book Correction

    Automatically flattens and corrects the curve distortion of books and magazines.
    Step 3: Organizing and Viewing

    Keeping scanned content organized and accessible is a Snap!

    Best experience with ScanSnap Home

    ScanSnap Home combines all your favorite functions into one and is the ultimate platform to utilize scanned data in various ways. Easily manage, edit and utilize data from documents, business cards, receipts and photos with the software. You can scan large volumes of various types of documents from color photos to double-sided landscape documents with a host of intelligent automatic image processing functions.*Data can be transferred to ScanSnap Home from ScanSnap Organizer, ScanSnap Receipt and CardMinder.

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    Fujistu Image Scanner SP-1120

    Overview The Fujitsu SP-1120 Image Scanner scans documents at 20 ppm/40 ipm (A4 portrait 200/300 dpi) and loads up to 50 sheets at a time. With a compact design making it ideal for use in limited spaces, the unit also provides versatile paper handling, making it the perfect scanner for reception counters. Basic SP Series…

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    Fujistu Image Scanner SP-1125

    Overview Basic SP Series model for professional use Efficient document scanning software for higher productivity PaperStream IP for SP Series – Automatically creates the most suitable image data for hassle-free scanning ABBYY™ FineReader™ Sprint – Creates searchable files from your paper documents, allowing you at a later date to find your information easier PaperStream Capture…

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    Fujistu Image Scanner SP-1130N

    Overview of Fujistu SP-1130N scanner Fujistu SP-1130N scanner is a simple and network compatible scanner for business. Fujistu SP-1130N scans documents at 30 ppm/60 ipm (A4 portrait 200/300 dpi) and loads up to 50 sheets at a time. With a compact and network compatible design, the unit provides high-value performance as an entry-level model for…